Unidesign Spiral Elements

Unidesign Ultrafiltration modules are the perfect solution for the filtration and recovery of cathodic and anodic Paint. Unidesign modules (PV400 & R1) are characterized by an effective and cost-effective design. The simple installation is a robust solution for the harsh conditions of the electrocoating process.


  • energy efficient Design
  • no bypass between Spiral and Housing
  • high and stable Permeatperformance up to 1.700 l/h (8 inch),
    2800 l/h (10inch)
  • long lifetime
  • Robust Engineering
  • 100% compatible to other available Membranes in the market
  • no cleaning chemicals or impregnating agents such as P3 or Additive Z necessary!
  • quick assembly and disassembly
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Exploded drawing of an 8 inch Unidesign System
Skid for 6 Unidesign 8″ Elements incl. Single Cleaning and Paint Bypass