Electro Coating

Our worldwide service network has a high level of commitment and is available in all stages from commissioning to ongoing operation.
Heydkamp Membrane Technology incorporates its broad and worldwide experience into all projects in a profitable manner. We will gladly advise you on questions regarding modifications and modernization. An extensive spare parts concept rounds off the portfolioHeydkamp Membrane Technology is characterised not only by its large selection of Membranes and Filter Systems. Special customer requirements are also taken into consideration and realised.
In the areas of Electro Dialysis we produce Membrane lengths among other parts, including Head and foor, which are connected with hose fittings and Electrcal connection by our technical staff. This prevents none working or unefetive Systems.
It is also possible to make other modifications, customised to your needs and specifications, on the Anolyte System.

The requirements in recent years have changed. Modern paint systems are difficult to operate with old plant technology and require know-how. We can help you paint more effectively and better. Energy saving and better painting quality is one of our expertise. Especially in membrane technology a lot has happened over the years.

New membrane generations ensure longer service life and stable permeate performance with better retention. The same applies to modern electrodialysis membranes, which are allowed to dry out, are pressure-resistant and nevertheless do not extend in length. There are also better ways to use membranes in other configurations and processes. In the picture you can see only a few examples. In the pre-treatment there are similar starting points.