About us

Heydkamp Membrane Technology is a direct distributor of micro, ultra, nanofiltration modules and electrodialysis membranes. With our experienced engineering team, we support you in the specific application in the process technology area. You benefit from a wide range of international experience. HMT not only determines the optimal membrane configuration for you, but also gives you all the technically relevant data, including that for the correct design of the pump and the associated monitoring devices. We offer individual problem solutions up to support during commissioning at your customer.

From replacement membranes to the complete system – one partner

Replacement of an existing membrane or a complete system concept, we are at your side with advice and action. We always have more than 300 different membranes in stock, suitable for all dimensions and configurations established in the market.
No matter whether UF / NF / RO / ED elements. Ask us

With of our design programs, we can offer you a complete solution from:

  • Pre filter Skid / Bags / Magnets
  • UF-System for ECOAT
  • Electro dialysis cells (Tubular/ Flat ),
  • Anolyte Systems like Individual flowmeter, Piping, conductivity messurements, Tanks ……
  • RO Systems (DI Water & Recycling Rinsing Bad)
  • Rectifier / Dosing of Pigment paste & Binder
  • Complete design of an ECOAT Line